Landscape Products

We provide a wide variety of landscaping products for all landscaping uses


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Play-Away Chips

Playground Chips – Meets ASTM and ADA Safety Standards provides a long lasting natural cushion.

Common Uses:

  • Under Swingsets
  • Playground Use
  • Will Not Splinter


Bark / Fir Walk On 

Sizes: 1/2″ to 3/4″ in diameter By 2 to 4″ long

Small, Stringy Pieces of Bark and Wood / No Fines

Common Uses:

  • Economical ground cover for landscaping large areas
  • Excellent on slopes to control erosion
  • Suitable for landscaping and gardens


Bark / Medium Nuggets

Sizes: 3/4″ to 1.5″ diameter


Bark / Small Nuggets

Sizes: 1/4″ to 1/2″ diameter

Decorative landscape ground cover

    • Common Uses:

      • For Beautification
      • Weed Control
      • Retains Moisture
      • Used in some playground applications
      • Great for landscaping and planter beds




1/4″ Rail Bark 


Color Rich Dark Brown Mulch

(Also available in Red)

Decorative and protective landscape ground cover

Common Uses:

  • For Beautification
  • Protect Seedlings
  • Weed Control
  • Retains Moisture
  • Great for landscaping and planter beds



Wood Chips

Locally recycled material from overgrown trees.  Wood chips are durable, they resist compaction from foot traffic and offer a cushioned surface to walk and work on.

Common Uses:

  • Garden Pathways
  • Mulch to reduce weeds
  • Warms the soil in winter and cools in summer
  • Aireation in compacted soil
  • Adds nutrients as it decomposes / beneficial to earthworms
  • Add a ring of wood chips around fruit trees to soften the fall of fruit reducing bruising


Decomposed Granite

Common Uses:

  • Base for Paving Stones
  • Free Draining
  • Riding arenas, horse stalls and dog runs
  • Hike and bike trails, running and walking tracts, playgrounds
  • Baseball Fields
  • Landscaping, flower beds, moisturizes soil, mulches


Disposal of Yard Clippings

We now offer a site for dumping yard trimmings for a slight dumping fee.  The trimmings will be composted to make an enriched top soil. 



Used for Beautification -Available in two sizes;

  • 1/2 – 3/4″

Common Uses:

  • Light Weight for Easy Use by Do-It-Yourself Users
  • Superior Coverage
  • Very Consistent Color
  • Reflects Heat
  • Good Color Match for Desert Landscaping
  • Excellent Moisture Retention
  • Material Meets All “Green” Criteria

  3/8 – 1/16″

  • Used to Amend Potting Soil; Pumice is an aggregate, it is added to a potting soil to improve aeration and drainage. The addition of pumice in a potting soil will also increase the moisture and nutrient retention of the potting soil. It acts like a reservoir in retaining water and nutrients when these items are in excess and releasing them when they are needed by the plant. Due to its weight, pumice can provide bulk density to a potting soil. This trait is valuable when you are growing outdoor containers and you don’t want them to blow over in the wind. Pumice is often the aggregate choice for specialty potting soils (cactus, bonsai) because it provides great aeration and an anchor for the roots.







Planters Mix

Our special blend of planters mix is made up of about 1/2 top soil, 1/4 aged and processed dairy cow manure, 1/4 Organic Veggie Boost compost with Micorrhizae Fungi and a sprinkling of pumice. Available for pick up or delivery


Veggie Boost Compost

  • Wake up depleted soils with Veggie Boost Compost. It is 100% natural organic fertilzer with Mycorrhizal Fungi and beneficial microbes designed to replenish nutrients, reduce transplant shock, reduce soil pathogens, increase nutrient uptake and improve drought tolerance. 


Composted Cow Manure

Adds nutrients to soil / Aged apx. 100 days

Common Uses:

  • Gives fruits, vegetable and flowers all they need to grow with vitality
  • Improves soil texture / The composition of the soil will drain, yet retain moisture in the summer


High Quality Top Soil

  • In addition to river loam we now have quality screened topsoil.



Size: Varies

  •  Flat natural stones great for landscaping and decorative work. Click here to see projects

Common Uses:

  • Beautification
  • Water Falls
  • Stepping Stones
  • Walls
  • Fireplaces



Size: #40-#60 (Average #50)

  • Extremely FinePistol River Dune Sand. FREE OF SALT

    Common Uses:
    • Mason Work
    • Used for Lawn Aireation
    • Sand Boxes
    • Under and Around Pavers
    • Volley Ball Courts & Horseshoe Pits


Rip Rap

Size: Very Large Oversized Rock

Common Uses:
    • Stone Embankment
    • Bank Protection
    • Landscape
    • Rip Rap



Size: 3/4″ River Run Rock down to 1/2″ (No Fines)

Common Uses: 

    • Beautification and Landscaping
    • Pathways
    • Good for walking on
    • Drainage



3/8 Pea Gravel 

Size: 3/8″ River Run Rock (No Fines)

Common Uses: 

      • Beautification and Landscaping
      • Dog Kennels
      • Walkways
      • Under Swingsets
      • Used in 3/8 Exposed Concrete



Size: 3/4″ – 1/4″ 

Clean Round River Run Rock **FREE OF CHIPS OR SAND
Click here to see a project

Common Uses: 
  • French / Curtain Drain
  • Beautification & Landscaping
  • Used in Mixing Concrete
  • Drainage
Landscaping 3 quarter washed round

1 1/2″ DRAIN ROCK 

Size: 1 1/2 – 3/4″

Clean Round River Run Rock **FREE OF CHIPS OR SAND

Common Uses: 

  • French / Curtain Drain
  • Beautification & Landscaping
  • Septic Systems
  • Meets Inspection Standards
  • Wells


  • Drainage



Sizes: 3 up to 8″ Natural Rock 

Clean Round River Run Rock (No Fines)

Common Uses: 
  • Rock Gardens
  • Beautification & Landscaping
  • Around Wells
  • Drainage