Concrete Sealer Seal Pro MS300


Seal Pro MS300

Clear Exterior / Interior Deep Penetrating Sealer
Seal Pro MS300 is a clear, deep penetrating, non-yellowing solvent base sealer designed for concrete substrates. It is resistant to chemicals, oils, grease, transmission and hydraulic fluids. It protects against the attack of water borne salts, acids and alkali’s. It helps block the effects of efflorescence in concrete. Its high perm rate allows ready transmission of moisture vapor.
Seal Pro MS300 may be used as a surface densifier and or dust proofing on concrete. In applications where maximum protection is desired, Seal Pro MS300 should be applied as a deep subsurface seal with a final coat of SP600 as a protecting topcoat.
SURFACE PREPARATION: The surface to be treated must be free of all oil, dust, dirt and other contaminants. Power washing and thorough rinsing is the preferred method of surface preparation. Surface imperfections and cracks larger than 1/16” should be repaired with caulk or other filler material. All caulks and repair materials should be in place and cured prior to the application of Seal Pro MS300.
Application: DO NOT APPLY IN THE HEAT OF THE DAY. DRY TIME IS FAST. Surface must be dry. Application may be accomplished by spraying or brushing. Do not use a roller. Seal Pro MS300 will penetrate deeply into most surfaces. Allow a dry time of 30 – 60 minutes before attempting second application. Allow 12 hours before usage. Full cure time is 72 hours. Clean equipment with Seal Pro Lacquer Thinner.
Coverage Rate: Weather conditions, porosity, texture of the surface and film build will determine the amount of product necessary for effective treatment. Total amount of product required for two coats will range between 200 –600 sq ft per gallon.
Limitations: Seal Pro MS300 should not be used on masonry with an existing glaze finish.
Precautions: Use with adequate ventilation to avoid build up of solvent fumes. Use approved OSHA breathing apparatus. Contains petroleum distillates. Flammable. Do not spray near open flame. Do not store in direct sunlight or where temperatures exceed 140 degrees F. Do not allow product to freeze. Avoid breathing spray mist and prolong contact with skin.

Manufactured by: Seal Pro, Inc. 1503 Sage Road, Medford, OR 97501