Concrete Sealer Seal Pro 600


 Clear Exterior / Interior Heavy Duty Chemical Resistant

Concrete Exposed Aggregate Seal
Seal Pro 600 is a solvent-based combination of specially modified thermoplastic resins and their esters. It is a ready-made product, which may also be used as a topcoat for Seal Pro MS300. In this situation, it is used where a high degree of chemical resistance is required.
Seal Pro 600 is excellent for all concrete, as well as providing the wet look to exposed aggregate. Seal Pro 600 penetrates into the concrete approximately 1/8” and is almost impossible to abrade or wear through.
Seal Pro 600 shows excellent resistance to damage caused by ozone, water, salt, spray, acids, chemicals and will not yellow. When cured, sealant remains water clear even at temperatures to 400 degrees F.
When applied to either horizontal or vertical surface, Seal Pro 600 provides surface protection against intrusion by foreign material. It should not be used to protect against the aesthetic damage caused by efflorescing. When efflorescing is a problem, Seal Pro MS300 should be applied first to provide a deep subsurface seal prior to the application of Seal Pro 600. This effect reduces leaching, mildew staining and freeze / thaw spalling.
Surface Preparation: The surface to be treated must be free of all oil, dust, dirt and other contaminants. Power washing and thorough rinsing is the preferred method of surface preparation. Surface imperfections and cracks larger than 1/16” should be repaired with caulk or other filler material. All caulks and repair materials should be in place and cured prior to the application of Seal Pro 600. 
Application: DO NOT APPLY IN THE HEAT OF THE DAY. DRY TIME IS FAST. Surface must be dry. Application may be accomplished by spraying or brushing. Do not use a roller. Two applications are required. An application of Seal Pro Ms300 may be substituted for the first application of Seal Pro 600. The second application may require less product for surface coverage. Allow 12 hours before usage. Full cure time is 72 hours. Equipment may be cleaned with Seal Pro Lacquer Thinner.
Coverage Rate: Weather conditions, porosity, texture of the surface and film build will determine the amount of product necessary for effective treatment. Total product required to two applications can range from 250-600 sq ft. per gallon.
Limitations: Seal Pro 600 should not be used on vertical surfaces to control efflorescence or on surfaces where potential for damage caused by efflorescence.
Precautions: Use with adequate ventilation, or use approved OSHA auxiliary breathing apparatus. Contains petroleum distillates. Flammable. Do not spray near open flame. Do not store in direct sunlight or where temperatures exceed 140 degrees F. Do not allow product to freeze. Avoid breathing mist and prolong contact with skin.

Manufactured by: Seal Pro, Inc., 1503 Sage Rd, Medford, OR 97501