CAM Color Dispensing System


CAM Colormaster™ Dispensing System 

Innovative Technology
The new CAM Colormaster™ System is a patent-pending technology that has been engineered to accurately measure RHEOCOLOR® L liquid coloring admixtures into ready-mixed decorative concrete and precast architectural concrete products.
The CAM Colormaster System provides a simplified process for coloring concrete with advanced batching solutions that are flexible, accurate, and economical. This state-of-the-art liquid coloring admixture measuring system enhances concrete production, reduces waste and improves decorative concrete quality.
·         Requires 50% less plant space
·         Uses standard electrical power
·         Automated liquid color admixture dosing
·         Accurate measurement of coloring admixtures
·         Requires less rinse water
·         Easy to use color batching software
·         Wireless connection capability
·         Monitors real time local liquid color inventory
·         Optional web based inventory management
·         More economical liquid color system
·         Safer equipment to install and maintain
·         Enhanced decorative concrete batching productivity
·         Improved decorative concrete quality
·         Reduced waste and labor costs

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