Concrete Additives and Accessories

Below is a list of concrete additives

that we sell and recommend.

While some are used in the mix design,

most are value added items that can be

added at the time of ordering.

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Calcium NC534 Non-Chlorinated Accelerator is a liquid admixture designed to make a more uniform and predictable quality concrete while accelerating setting time and strength development.
Color Chart Rheocolor L take concrete from gray to gorgeous while adding value to your project.
  • CAM Color Dispensing System is the computerized system used to batch colored concrete. The sophisticated computer keeps record of past projects allowing the color to be easily matched for future additions.

Concrete Sealer Seal Pro MS300 is a clear deep penetrating, non-yellowing solvent base sealer designed for concrete substrates. It protects and preserves as a surface hardener, dust proofing agent that provides a natural look.

Concrete Sealer Seal Pro 600 is a solvent based combination of specially modified thermoplastic resins and their esters. It is non-yellowing, highly chemical resistant, with stands UV attack, is water repellant, wear resistant and provides a shiny wet look.

Delvo is designed to slow down the setting rate of concrete.

Fiber Master Fiber M100 has been engineered to provide the ultimate three-dimensional plastic shrinkage reinforcement.

Hot Water is the natural way to accelerate the setting of concrete.

Leed Certification Point Guide is used by the industry to measure how green your project is.

Polyheed 997 is a mid-range water reducer that can be used as a high-range water reducer by increasing the dosage. Most all of our concrete designs include Polyheed 997.

Portland Cement Type 1

Pozzolith NC534 Accelerator is formulated to accelerate time of setting and to increase early concrete strengths. Pozzolith NC534 Accelerator does not contain calcium chloride and is recommended with use of color additives.

Pump Aid VMA358 enhances pumping and finishing, reduces segregation during the pumping process.

Rheo 235 is recommended to reduce the rate of water absorption, reduce water vapor transmission and reduce or eliminate efflorescence in slabs-on-grade, foundation & retaining walls, exterior walls, columns, wallpanels and other precast products exposed to moisture in service.

Slag Lafarge NewCem® slag cement is a finely ground, hydraulic cement produced from granulated blast furnace slag, a product of the iron-making process.