Freeman Rock History – Mining & Building Since 1976

Freeman Rock, Inc. is a family owned business.  The business was started in 1976 by Ted Freeman, Sr. and his wife Doris.  Their two sons Ted Jr., and David worked alongside their parents. A variety of products were produced by

 crushing sand, gravel and mixing concrete to supply government agencies, contractors and consumers with products in demand due to the growing infrastructure. In 1997 Ted Jr. and David purchased the company from their parents and the business was expanded to include heavy road construction.

In 1999 Ted & Dave Freeman purchased property in Gold Beach on the South Bank of the Rogue River at 95437 Jerry’s Flat Rd. a site known as Elephant Bar. The property had been used for sand and gravel removal prior to the Freeman

purchase. Ted and Dave developed the site, updated the concrete plant and put in a wash plant to enhance the products for the area.

In 2003 the business was divided.  David Freeman took the construction aspects of the business and began his own business.  Ted Freeman, Jr. remained in the original location continuing to supply sand, gravel, quarry products and redi-mix concrete to government agencies, contractors and consumers.  Within the past five years Ted has expanded the business to include landscaping materials, Vietnamese pottery and construction projects.  In 2012 Ted Freeman, Jr. became the sole owner of the Gold Beach property and remains the sole owner of Freeman Rock, Inc.

Freeman Rock, Inc. has received many awards over the years. This includes the Ecology Award, Outstanding Reclamation for Small Operators, and a 2003 award for Salmon fisheries protection/enhancement.  

Freeman Rock Inc. completed a ten-year agreement (11/99-11/09) with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and Curry County Soil and Water. This agreement protected and managed a quality stand of Black Cottonwood trees. The progeny from these trees are used to enhance salmonid habitat by stream bank restoration projects throughout the coastal areas of Oregon. Freeman Rock, along with The Lower Rogue Water Council, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Rogue River National Forest, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service has numerous out planting sites, including Brush Creek, Ranch Creek and around Agness, Oregon. Some of these out plantings are now over 30 feet tall.

Freeman Rock Inc, works with the Lower Rogue Watershed Council and students from Gold Beach High School to construct and maintain the Elephant Bar Interpretive Trail. This trail is open to the general public with an abundance of use during the spring, summer and fall times of the year.

This trail emphasizes the ecology of the Rogue River and the interrelationships of the riparian habitat with the sand, gravel, and concrete industry. A great example of outreach to help educate our society about the importance of gravel

bars to the local community.

Freeman Rock, Inc. is working on a long term Elephant Bar Master Plan that is designed to balance ecology with  economy. Freeman Rock is working directly with the Lower Rogue Watershed  Council, Curry County, Department of State Lands, DOGAMI, Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, US Fish & Wildlife Service and the US Army Corp of Engineers to develop this long-term management plan.

Freeman Rock, Inc. continues to work with agencies on the Chetco River and Jacks Creek, as well.  We are actively promoting fish enhancement and sound ecology while providing necessary materials for the growing infrastructure.